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The Rings Of Power might be hot stuff soon, but they’ll be passe once Sauron forges One Ring To Rule Them All. Everyone’s going to be after it, but only one man, the one they call Smeagol, is going to obtain it. And then it’s gonna turn him into a bug-eyed, nearly naked troll thing with a magic addiction.
Being Gollum wouldn’t be a pleasant experience, but you can step into the role from a safe distance when The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is released for modern consoles and the PC. It will be based on the books, not the movies, and take you through Gollum’s journey. Smeagol is still in there somewhere, though, and will take control of Gollum’s body at some points, so you’ll essentially be controlling two characters.
The Gollum game was announced in 2019 and targeted for a 2021 release date. But very few games come out exactly when they’re supposed to, so The Lord of the Rings: Gollum has had quite a few delays. The latest release date was supposed to be this September, but it won’t...

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Whoa! My sister in law have a video game about her now? LOL I am just kidding but I swear my Sister in Law looks exactly like Gollum. My Brother is her "precious"


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Even before the official announcement, When I heard there is a new LOTR game. I assumed we'd be playing as a fictional hobbit or similar heroic figure. And I was looking forward to this with great anticipation. However, my aspirations and goals have eroded, and I am heartbroken. Nobody wants to play Gollum in this game.

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When will The Lord of the Rings' Gollum get his own video game?


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This excites me, so I'll attempt to be open-minded about the outcome. The concept intrigues me; there's a lot of room for... creeping. I'm okay with the aesthetics if the gameplay is present, but god, that voice! I get why they didn't want to impersonate Andy Serkis, but it doesn't sound like a good idea. An Aragorn game (or film) about his time protecting the Shire and sneaking into Mordor before the Fellowship is just what I'm looking for. Maybe he'll be able to capture Gollum there in this game.


The character of Gollum has become one of the most recognizable in film and literature. You've hissed and whispered, "My precious," at least once in your life.

This idea incredible. Gollum was unquestionably one of the many characters from the critically acclaimed film trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, and they might have chosen him for that reason alone. I can't wait to see what kind of gameplay one of the series' most flimsy characters will bring to the table.


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Despite what some have said, I believe a Gollum-centered game may be entertaining and cool if appropriately executed.
The comment section in the trailer is flooded with Morbious memes. People are mocking this game so bad. No wonder they delay. This could end up as vaporwear,


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It's going to be fascinating to see how this is done. With an underpowered protagonist, there is no practical way to strengthen their combat prowess in dealing with Orcs, Uruks, and other mythical animals.