The LOLToku Justice Thread Part 3 - Bring On The Funny!


Fly up, TaJaDor!
Re-started Pokemon SoulSilver, decided to go with a Piratey-theme.



Fly up, TaJaDor!
I suppose Marvelous is the trainer, right?

Yes, my trainer name is "Marv". The red-headed stepchild is Basco. :p

Why is Luka a Guy?

Um yeah, I have a semi-good reason for that. In a failed attempt to breed a Lv. 1 Elekid, I ended up walking around until a previous Elekid grew to Lv. 12. Couldn't have that for a new game. So I brought over a Lv. 5 Elekid from FireRed, and it is (unfortunately) a male.

Blade Dancer

Not-So-Rabid Blade Fangirl
I remember that one from last year. :anime:

Poor Ryotaro... :laugh: And the two guys who cook have food! :thumbs: