The Last of Us Part 1 is the remake of The Last of Us. I am not sure if they will make changes to the plot. The Original won Game of the Year when it got released for PS3, and it was successful enough to spawn a Sequel. Most remakes change the character models, but Joel and Ellie still look the same. They still wear the same outfit from the original. They should have given them different outfits and made their classic costumes Unlockables because, at this moment, this remake felt like a mere remaster. The Last of us part 1 is built from the ground up.
So even if Joel and Ellie look the same, these are all new models. If there are changes I want to see, it would be more character development for the minor characters. Give them more side stories since we already know Joel and Ellie’s story. Maybe they can add new content about Abby so that the new fans would be ready for the Event of the...

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I actually notice some difference, the Original Model of Ellie looks Elliot Page when he was still using his dead name. Now Ellie looks more like a younger version of her The Last of Us Part II model.


Joel and Ellie looking the same have both pros and cons. Fans who are not accepting of changes will be happy. The disadvantage is the game indeed felt like a remaster. Even the clickers still looks the same.


They should have made the characters looks like their HBO Max actors then have them voice them too.

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