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<p>Reviewer Disclaimer: I am not a gamer. Let me rephrase that, I’m not a modern gamer. If anything, I could be classified as a retro gamer in that I still have an original Nintendo Entertainment System hooked up to a tube TV and a stack of game cartridges that I play regularly. I bought a Playstation 3 in 2012 to use solely as a blu-ray player and when I got adventurous 10 years later and picked up a used copy of Batman Arkham Asylum, I couldn’t get past the first level. As a result, I resigned myself to 20th century video game technology once again. All that is to say, that I definitely have not played The Last Of Us video game or it’s sequel. I’ve heard it praised and debated in the general pop culture, but know very little of it’s plot, other than it is a game that could be classified as a post-apocalyptic, cinematic experience.</p>

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Nico Parker, Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal are not the actors in my mind in my dream casting for a The Last of Us Adaptation but these actors made a believer out of a hater like me. They proved me wrong, I was about to hate watch but I got converted right away. Such an impressive cast, no one is a throwaway.

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Back in 2013, People's dream casting for Joel and Ellie are Gerard Butler and Elliot Paige because they look exactly like the characters. Pedro and Bella looks nothing like Joel and Ellie but the acting talent over compensated for it.


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I remember when I played the game back in 2013, Sarah's death shocked me because children's death is rarely depicted in videogames. Troy Baker who played Joel in the Game said Sarah's death is a hard scene to shoot as he shoot it multiple times. Now in the series, I feel the same pain and intensity with Pedro Paschal and Nico Parker. Nico Parker only starred in one Episode but she gave a lasting impression. I cannot wait to see your review of Episode 3 because it is the best episode by far.


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As Resident Evil fan, I am so jelous because TLOU fans get a faithful adaptation that did some changes but the changes are for the better. Neil Druckmann being involved made it better. This is the masterclass on how to adapt a videogame into a television show or a videogame. I grew up watching crap videogame adaptations and this show proved nothing is impossible. I am usually angry from deviations of adaptations but this one made changes that are better.


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I had been in Netflix for years so watching weekly is weird for me because I am used on binging seasons in 1 sitting but because of The Last Of Us, I adjusted with the old school way of watching TV. I love the flashbacks on every single episodes.


All the Positive reviews shows why this show got renewed after just 2 episodes. Neil Druckmann should do more TV shows! Even the "anti wokes" are not able to criticize this show. Their Youtube channels got devoured by hate comments. Thats how good this show is.


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I didn't realize that the show was a game until I saw ads for it. Since I like anything Pedro Pascal is in, I thought it would be interesting to find out more about him. Find out if it is worth my time to keep looking into it. Now that I've seen the first two episodes, I'm excited to see where the story goes next. I am so excited for the 4th episode that I'm going to burst. Even though I usually don't watch horror or zombie movies, I'm really enjoying this one. In fact, the story is so interesting that I'm thinking about playing the game, even though I usually just play Candy Crush Saga.
I haven't watched any of the game's content, and I haven't played it either. I thought I "knew" the story was about a father and daughter trying to make it in a hard world because I had seen the cover. I couldn't believe I didn't know... Definitely not his own daughter. The first episode was fun, and I just watched the third one this week. Excellent. Did she not see the scar? It was clear to me that she was immune because of it. This means that the bite wasn't just eaten. Tess seemed smart enough to be able to change so quickly, given the situation. As they got closer to the fugitives, people yelled, "Worry about the problem that is now," which sounds like it means "hang." They might be worried about a bite that usually causes symptoms within an hour, but Ellie had been with them for a few hours, so they didn't have to worry about that.


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The first episode opened with a loud thunderclap. When things start to happen, you can sense the strain and you can't ignore it. After Sarah caused Nana to go insane, the rest of the episode had a really unpleasant air to it. A fantastic way to kick off a new TV show. Nico Parker was an excellent fit for the character of Sarah, and she performed admirably. Nico had a close relationship with each of these persons. I'm hoping that the flashbacks will offer her additional material to work with. Her mother was fantastic in Westworld, so acting must be in her blood.


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I might be able to Survive the initial wave of the outbreak because the fungi came from flour and grains. My diet is Gluten free and I practice atkins like Joel.

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I am more angry with the soldier who killed Sarah over the zombies. The zombies attack by instinct while that Soldier killed an innocent girl.


The show was gripping and visually stunning. I'm overjoyed to see it brought to life in such a beautiful way. When I played this game on my PS3 in 2013, it really captured the magic.


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Like their video game equivalents, the characters were well-developed, and despite the grim environment, the plot was full of surprising turns. The tune was both charming and sorrowful, and the pictures were breathtaking. The Last of Us is, in a nutshell, a compelling and expertly written story that will leave you wanting more.


I had been in Netflix for years so watching weekly is weird for me because I am used on binging seasons in 1 sitting but because of The Last Of Us, I adjusted with the old school way of watching TV. I love the flashbacks on every single episodes.
I dislike the flashbacks or recaps when I am binge-watching shows as I consider these as time waste LOL so I mostly skip this part.

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