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New Japanese trailer I think you guys should check it out.


Silver Wolf

The Official site has updated their "Explore the Four Nations" section starting with the Water Tribes. It goes into some pretty good detail on the "Water Tribes" as depicted in the movie, character bios for Katara, Sokka and Yue, as well as some good "clips" of waterbending and full "panoramic views" of the Northern Water Tribe city. Apparently this will be updated weekly so expect the next "Nation" to be up soon.

Also there's a few new images of characters in the film (such as Zhao, Pakku, and Appa) and photographic proof that Momo is in the film.

And then there's this:


Some kind of Beast mode
Thanks for the updates Wolf.

I want a Flip camera now, just because of those designs. lol

Seriously though are those worth it?

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