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Priceless documentary produced by members of The Stunt Hong Kong Association that recalls through its protagonists the golden age of Hong Kong cinema from the Shaw Bros era, to analyze the Bruce Lee impact on the industry and the world, passing through the Golden Harvest years, reaching our days, reflecting on the uncertain fate of these artists of risk and masters of pain in the vast Chinese market.
The documentary is a parade of legends who, in front of the camera, recount with pride, how ungateful the profession for which they risked their life countless of times can be, showing throughout the 90 minutes footage, many of the cinematographic feats with which they achieved for the rest of the eternity cinematographic immortality, demonstrating a again, why Hong Kong cinema is better than the things you like.
Big names such as Sammo Hung, Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu, Mars, Chin Ka-Lok, Yuen Woo Ping, Sharon Yeung, Eric Tsang, Andrew Lau, Stanley Tong, Leung Siu Lung, Tsui Hark, Donnie Yen...

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What does the Fox say?
OK. You said four magic words: Hong Kong AND Bruce Lee. This is a documentary worth watching. On top of that, you added "icing on the cake" by mentioning Sammo Hung. I'm in! A documentary like this is priceless.