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Dreek Lass

I am not sure whether or not the news has reached you guys, but there seems to be this new game amongst teenagers. It entails scoping out a complete stranger, and then just running up to them and knocking them out. Depending on how the stranger falls, they'll name the knockout accordingly.

Why do you think that our youth are doing things like this?


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If I recall right I have heard most of the young people doing this are african american, I'm not even sure if that;s even true, but that;s what I've heard. I wonder how true that is. Either way, I think it awful... if someone did something like that to my mom I swear I'd make him pay no matter what! That kind of people should recieve a punishment that suits the crime... they're behaving like beasts!


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I think that violence in youth can be attributed to a lack of moral standards, proper education, and parental guidance. Children who behave in this way are often deeply troubled and are probably living in impoverished conditions. However, I do not believe that any of this could possibly excuse their behavior. There is never a good reason for treating innocent people with carelessness and violence. I read in the news that a 76 year-old woman was a victim of the Knockout Game in Brooklyn a couple of days ago. I just hope that this stops soon - it's ridiculous.

Dreek Lass

Two youn boys who tried to participate in this game recently were shot. From my understanding, they didn't die and one of them is now in prison for a year. I feel like they got what they deserved, but I was told that I was immoral for thinking and feeling that so...