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<p>Prince Imperial Geum Lee Lim (played by Lee Jung-jin) wants to be the King, Eternal Monarch. He covets the throne of his half-brother who is the ruler of the Kingdom of Corea. The king possesses the Manpasikjeok but does not believe in its legend. According to legend, this instrument has the power to bridge two different but parallel worlds. Lee Lim wants to rule both worlds, so he murders the king. The king asks Lee Lim if he feared the punishment of the skies (or the heavens). Just before he ruthlessly murders his half-brother, he responds: “God never created humans. It was the weak who created God.” In other words, he’s not weak and he’s going to rule the world. Or rather, two worlds. His plans don’t include a “God” who needs to be feared by him. All he needs are loyal minions who fear him. He knows where to find them and how to convert them.</p>


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I recently watched The King: Eternal Monarch on Netflix and must say it's a must-see for K-Drama fans. The concept of parallel worlds was executed flawlessly, and the genre mix was impressive.

The portrayal of Prince Imperial Geum Lee Lim by Lee Jung-jin was both chilling and disturbing. During his scenes, I was on the edge of my seat. He effectively conveyed the character's obsession with power.


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Lee Min-portrayal Ho's of King Lee Gon was outstanding. He portrayed the character with assurance and charisma, making him a sympathetic protagonist. I had already fallen in love with him in City Hunter and Boys Over Flowers. He's quite different here.


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Lieutenant Jeong Tae-eul was also played well by Kim Go-eun. She had an excellent rapport with Lee Min-character, Ho's and their chemistry was palpable.


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The romance between the two main characters was one of the show's highlights for me. The age difference was an interesting twist, and it was refreshing to see the show handle it in a natural way.The supporting cast was also fantastic. Each character had their own unique story arc that was well-developed and contributed to the overall plot.The visuals of the show were stunning. The production design was top-notch, and the special effects were impressive.The show kept me engaged from beginning to end. The pacing was great, and the plot was well-crafted.


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The show's impressive genre blending. It accomplished balancing romance, drama, science fiction, and fantasy in a way that felt seamless and natural.Throughout the entire show, the concepts of power and family were compellingly explored. It was all the more impactful because the conflict between the two main characters was based on their familial connections.


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This show sounds amazing! I love dramas with a touch of fantasy and sci-fi, and The King: Eternal Monarch seems to have it all. The plot seems really intriguing, with the two parallel worlds and the struggle for power between the two brothers. I'm also excited to see Lee Min-Ho in a new role, as I've enjoyed his acting in other dramas. Can't wait to give this one a watch!

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I've seen The King: Eternal Monarch, and I can without a doubt say that it's one of the best K-dramas I've ever seen. Fantastic world-building has gone into giving both the Kingdom of Korea and the Republic of Korea their own distinct personalities. It's also a really sweet romance, and I enjoyed watching Lee Gon and Jeong Tae-relationship eul's grow throughout the series. Overall, if you're looking for an exciting and romantic K-drama, I heartily recommend this one.


Initially, I was a little hesitant to watch The King: Eternal Monarch because I don't frequently enjoy fantasy dramas. I'm so glad I gave it a shot, though, because it far exceeded my expectations. Leading actors Lee Min-Ho and Kim Go-eun give excellent performances, and the acting overall is excellent. Additionally impressive are the special effects, and as the plot developed, I found myself becoming more and more engrossed. Whether you enjoy romance, science fiction, or just a good old-fashioned drama, I believe this show has something to offer everyone.

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