The Kamen Rider Chronicles: Shockers Blood Road (plotting/OOC)

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I would prefer you keep a format- just because you character is evil doesn't mean he/she needs to be a rider.

... yes Deme- but remember to keep a lid on your power and your actions... untill appropreit.


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Smilodon/Hugo/KR Durga/Human/Unknown/Male/13

Name: Hugo

Age: Unknown

Race: Human. (Orphnoch)

Gender: Male

Natural abilities: Orphnoch

Appearance: Naturally fit, blond hair, blue eyes. 5'8. Skin has slight grayish tint to it.

Equipment: Durga Gear, Jet Sliger

Short bio: Hugo, as his creators at Chi-Shocker call him, is a test tube baby turned Orphnoch. He has reached his Orphnoch not through dying, but through manifesting it by will, forced by Chi-Shocker using torture methods. Once he gained his Orphnoch form, The Hedgehog Orphnoch, he was given the Durga gear to fight for Chi-Shocker.

Any other things you would like to mention: Durga means "invicble" in Sanskrit


Kamen Rider system format: Faiz

Type of rider: Technological

Rider Name: Durga

Transformation system: Durga Gear

Rider Equipment/weapons/vehicles: Durga Pointer,Shot,Phone, and Jetsliger. The Shot is used for his Cyan Calamity, and his Pointer is used for Cyan Cyclone. The Phone doubles as a blaster

Cyan Calamity: A back-breaking Rider Punch done by Durga that kills Orphnoch as well as most forms of life.
Cyan Cyclone: The pointer sends a photon stream and paralyzes the opponent as Durga kicks and phases through the opponent, the opponent is unable to maintain his molecular stability and spontaneously combusts.
Rider default appearance: Don't have one.

Rider Forms: Only basic

Any other things you would like to mention:

Smilodon/Kaname Renji/Malice Dopant/Human/35/Male/13

Name: Kaname, Renji

Age: 35

Race: Human


Natural abilities: None. Power Hungry Ordinary Joe.

Appearance: Normal looking person

Equipment: None.

Short bio: A dissatisfied salaryman, Renji pined for power, something to make him wealthy. When a mysterious person gave him something called a T2 Malice Memory, he hastily took it, and using it, rose to the top of his company after the 'deaths' of some of the higer ranking workers. All was well until Chi Shocker attacked, ruining his company and his fortune. Awe-Struck at this display of power by a Chi-Shocker General, he asked to join, but when he was rejected, he assumed his Dopant and killed the General there, and assumed command of forces of Chi-Shocker there.

Any other things you would like to mention: no


Kamen Rider system format:

Type of rider: N/A he is a Dopant

Dopant Name: Malice Dopant
Transformation system: Gaia Memory

Rider default appearance: Don't got one.

Rider Forms: Malice Primary, Malice Secondary, and Malice Supreme.

Malice Memory: The memory of Malice comes from the dark,treacherous side of Earth's history. The Memory allows for one to assume the form of the Malice Dopant. Its main abilities are to manifest malicious intent within people and creating schisms and having people kill eachother out of hate. He can also fly, and fire plasma balls.

Malice Secondary: Malice's Rage Manipulating powers increase 10 Fold as he gains a second form where he gains a form that enables him to fight himself. The memory draws malice and rage from the user itself also, giving him incredible strength, as hatred and malice is necessary for the user to use its memory to its fullest extent. This form was accessed when Renji killed off a race of Aliens on Neptune.

Malice Supreme: The final level of the Malice Dopant, Malice has not accessed this form yet.

Any suggestions?
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...that reminds me- I need to add in my Max Drives. >_>
I don't envy you one bit Shizumah XD. THIS is why I only have one memory =3
Alpha GearIt was created by a Chi-Shocker scientist.He decided to make it when he visited the world of Faiz a few years ago by descovering them in a school look alike ruin and copied it to take it to the Chi-Shocker headquarters to begin the project.

Alpha ShotA digital camera look alike knuckle witch by inserting the memory stick on the top of it activating with a light that goes from his upper arm down to the Alpha Shot.Once you punch an opponent it completely eliminates him.


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@ Kry
Thank you. I tried to give you somethings so you can move your story along. Someone's riders are from Neptune, so I incorperated it a bit into Malice's story when he killed Aliens there.

To Everyone: I was also wondering since I didn't have drawing of Durga or Malice, if anyone wanted to give it a go at designing? If they're good at drawing and wanted something to do of course. This is just a request. It's okay if no one wants to do it.


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hmmm... maybe in the story we will have a bit of dimensional traveling...
Just my 2 cents. I think Dimensional Traveling would be a bit too tough to do. We still haven't really planned alot of the universe this takes place in. So why move on onto other universes when we really havent fully explored our own?

Dark Kabuto

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Dark Kabuto/Celeste Shirogane/Valkyire/Genetically Altered Human/20/Female/P14

Name: Celeste Shirogane

Age: 20

Race: Genetically engineered human
Gender: Female

Natural abilities: Being genetically altered, Celeste displays traits that aren’t in most humans-her strength, speed, agility, sense of hearing, smell, and vision have almost been doubled compared to an average human’s. She’s also been trained to handle a variety of different weapons including firearms and swords.

Appearance: Celeste

Equipment: Cell phone, Motorcycle

Short bio: Celeste Shirogane isn’t a naturally born human, she was created in one of many experiments by Chi Shocker to create the Ultimate weapon, the ultimate Rider. She was trained since birth to be loyal to Shocker, to follow their commands without question...but eventually, Celeste began to grow a will of her own, she became strong enough to break free from the hold Shocker had on her. She escapes from the Shocker compound where she was kept, and went into hiding, blending in to every day society, while she thinks of a plan to fight back against shocker...

Any other things you would like to mention:


Kamen Rider system format:

Type of rider: Magic, Technological

Rider Name: Kamen Rider Valkyire

Transformation system:
V-Ring: The belt that allows Celeste to transform into Kamen Rider Valkyire, a jewel rests in center of the belt, the belt itself is covered in ancient magical runes. A slot on the side allows her to insert the Fate Cards, which allows her access to other forms. The jewel in the center of the V-Ring is refereed to as the “Eye of Niflheim”

Fate Cards: 

Tempest Card-This is the card that Celeste uses to transform into Valkyire’s default form, Valkyire Tempest Form. A blue, white, and gold card with a design of a wing on it.

Fury Card: A light blue and yellow card with a picture of a lightning bolt, this card allows transformation into Thor Form

Trickery Card: A dark blue, and gold card with a picture of a snow flake, this allows transformation into Loki form.

Rider Equipment/weapons/vehicles: (self explanatory)

Machine Charriot: 
While transforming while riding her bike, Celeste’s morotcycle becomes the Machine Chariot. A blue, gold bike with a horse’s head and tail designed onto the front. 

Rider default appearance: I Can't draw, but just picture something like this but more kamenriderish[/url]
Rider Forms:
Tempest Form 
Valkyire’s base form, two “Wings” form behind her back to form a cape of sorts, the wings can extend out to allow for flight. This is Valkyire’s most balanced form. In this form, her defult weapon is the Enhinjars, a hybrid gun/sword combination weapon.

Thor Form
A more heavily armoured version of Valkyire in light blue, white and gold colors. This form’s focus is strength, and thus sacrafices mobility for more armor. In this form, Valkyire’s weapon is known as Mjöllnir, a a halbard large blade at the end of it, in this form her attacks have an added electric element.

Loki Form: 
A lot lighter in appearance compared to Tempest or Thor forms, this form though the weakest was built for speed in mind. It’s main focus is to confuse Celeste’s opponents with blinding speed, while wearing them down with ice-based attacks. It’s weapons in this form are a pair of daggers called Feniri’s Fangs.

Any other things you would like to mention:

And there she is...I admit I don't know a whole lot about Norse myth. :sweat: But I always thought it would be cool to do a rider based around it.
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Just my 2 cents. I think Dimensional Traveling would be a bit too tough to do. We still haven't really planned alot of the universe this takes place in. So why move on onto other universes when we really havent fully explored our own?

As in Chi-shocker tests a wormhole generator on us.


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As in our heroes get transported to the 4th Dimension??? Just kidding, but sure, you're the boss. If you want our heroes to fall into a wormhole then sure. I'm down.


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Honestly let's not get into Dimension Traveling until the group learns of the true Danger that Chi-Shocker poses on the Mulitverse. *can totally imagine Decade coming later on but not until towars the end*

And here's one of Gemini's Maximum Drives, I wanted to see what you all thoguht of the concept.

GlacierDiva - "Diva Diamond Extreme" : When the Diva Memory is inserted into the Maximum Slot, a swirl of wind and snow surround Gemini as she rises up on a platform of ice called the Glacier Stage and at the same time, an copy of Gemini made of pure Cold Energy is generated next to her called a Gemini Twin, and then both Gemini and the twin rush forward and leap off the stage with a corkscrew kick as both Gemini and the twin's legs are surrounded by a solid sheet of ice like a drill as both Gemini and the twin converge on the Opponent for Gemini's Rider Kick.


Tigerhawk21/Omega/Kamen Rider Ryuujin/Dragon Fangire/Unknown/Male/04

Name: King; dubbed by Chi-Shocker as ‘Omega’

Age: Unknown but appears 30

Race: Fangire (King and form is Dragon)

Gender: Male​

Natural abilities: Being a powerful fangire, he possess’ enhanced physical power and speed. Also able to drain life force to sustain himself.​


Equipment: “Drake” Kivat the Second, Dragon King Sword (similar to Zanvat but gold is now black, blade remains the same)​

Short bio: The ruler of all Fangire known only as King, ruled with an iron fist. Viewing humans as cattle, King restricted his people to limiting how many humans were eaten in one area. As not to raise suspicion and bring the human forces against them. He personally went out and killed those humans who were a threat to fangire and those that could help humanity evolve stronger than fangire.​

His rule was not peaceful by any means. Fangire sought to challenge him and claim the throne. Letting them get a few ‘free’ hits, King would then easily destroy the challenger. Keeping a small glass fragment from each loser, King used his power to merge them together. He had a son with Queen and was happy for a time. Until Chi-Shocker appeared. Desiring the aid of the Fangire’s in ruling the dimensions, Chi-Shocker was surprised when King refused.​

A war raged, and though he fought with all his might, King was left beaten and near death, having seen his whole world come crashing down around him. The loss of his wife and son was devastating and King was put on ‘trial’ for treason. Sentenced to life in the Shocker prison on Pluto, King was mockingly given the name of ‘Omega’ to symbolize his new ‘status’.​


Any other things you would like to mention: Drake Kivat the First was destroyed in the war. King has the fragment of glass with him and it will play a vital role later. He’s restrained like Asakura was and is force fed a quart of blood per week to stay alive.​


Kamen Rider system format:​

Type of rider: Biological​

Rider Name: Kamen Rider Ryuujin​

Transformation system: Drake Kivat the Second​

Rider Equipment/weapons/vehicles:
Fuestles: WolSaber (summons a sword similar to Garulu but Purple and Gold)
MerMagnum (summons a gun similar to Basshaa but Red)
FraHammer (summons a hammer similar to Dogga but Blue)
Wake Up (similar to Dark Kiva’s One and Two, but gold colored. If used with the Dragon King Sword the blade glows a brilliant gold.)
Rage Wake Up (Allows King to assume a sabbat like form to rain down destruction but after use is unable to fight for 2 days)
Ryuvaa (summons his motorcycle)​

Rider default appearance: Similar to Dark Kiva but the bat motif is changed to a western dragon and the cape is now a pair of wings. The black color becomes green and the red becomes violet. (Hopefully a picture will be coming soon)​

Rider Forms: Ryuujin is the only form. The only thing that changes is his weapon, should he chose to use a Fuestle. The Dragon King Sword is always at his side and always ready for battle.​

Any other things you would like to mention: He’s very weak in the beginning to due to starvation and unable to use any Fuestle other than ‘Wake Up’ until later in the story.


(OOC: I'm also working on a Den-O type rider (or Decade type... not sure)​
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Alpha PointerA flashlight look alike item that Alpha places on his foot to do the "first Alpha finisher"

Alpha KnifeA knife that is placed in the front of his motorcycle,Alpha puts the memory stick in the grip to initiate the Center Burst.

Alpha LightA sword that Alpha takes from the grip of his bike,when the memory stick is inserted in the grip so the side slash attack is activated


DK I wanna be honest here. When I saw that you had a bike I knew you'd use her bike..........Ya i watch 5D's to man.

Ya Smilodon you should seriously wait till when the rp shows up because you'll see just how are Great ideas are expressed.

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