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The Invitation is a horror presentation from Sony Films. It is about a young woman who wants to find her father’s side of the family. She wanted to fill a void as a single mother after her mom’s death. It is like a love child between Ready or Not and Get out. When I registered to, All I wanted to know was to know my whole ethnic background via a DNA test. I didn’t clearly expect that I would meet some far relatives that I had never met. It can be nice to meet some family members you never knew, but there will be the creepy ones who want to be part of your life. 
A young woman is courted and swept off her feet, only to realize a Gothic conspiracy is afoot.
The Invitation official trailer

Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel) is a Young Biracial woman who...

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I anticipated that the rapidly expanding modern interest in DNA testing and relative matching would eventually find its way into fictional movie plots. This is likely to happen a lot more in the future. Why do these vampires wants to marry relatives?


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There was a horror videogame titled haunting ground and the main character also have a great uncle who kidnapped her to impregnate her. I see a little bit of that on this movie and yes It also reminds me or Ready or Not and Get out!


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Trailer makers should stop giving away the whole plot! They should have hidden the Vampire thing as a surprise to the people who will see the theaters. There is too much spoiler in the trailer.I mean, stop showing everything in the trailer. I purposefully stopped watching so as to avoid giving anything away. Why in the world would I watch this movie when it feels like I already have after watching the trailer? For a trailer, this is excessively informative. They are killing the element of surprise.


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I knew cognizant of the rationale behind why I shouldn't be tampering with those DNA testing. Who needs enemies if you have relatives like that. Also eww with the incest.


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If a Vampire wants to marry me, I will not decline because Immortality is something I cannot refuse. I want to stay young and pretty together and I love Twilight.


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I have a Theory, They are not really her relatives. One of her "cousins" was so excited to suck her blood in one of the scenes. They just saw her as an easy target. They are Vampires who likes blood of Black/biracial people.


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LOL. To be honest, the only reason for me looking into my lineage and background is to find out if I have rich relatives or some sort of inheritance that I am entitled to receive. Other than that, I could care less. I'm being honest! If I did research and learned about incest, then I could understand why family members who came before me did not want me to know! If I uncovered this dark secret … I would pretend like I didn't find out anything and carry on with my life. That incest storyline does make for a good movie though!


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There is already a movie with the same title back in 2015, They should have gone up with a different title.