Comics The Incredible Hulk vs. Superman

Yes, I know there was a comic book released, and Superman beat the Hulk, but I don't buy it. Superman has super-everything, (in itself, stupid), and can lift a quadrillion tons supposedly, but he has a limit. At some point he starts to get tired, and that strength decreases. The Hulk is the opposite. His strength grows as he fights, and as his rage increases. He doesn't get tired. It's proven time and again, as his enemies wonder how he can be mortal with an unending savagery. The Hulk's only weakness is reverting to Bruce Banner, which is very unlikely to happen while in full-on rage mode. Superman, of course has a kryptonite weakness. There seems to be no end of it on Earth, and it comes in every shade of the rainbow. If Superman hit him hard and fast, and took him out immediately, he might be able to lay waste to the Hulk, but as the battled wars on, his chances keep dropping. What's your take on this fight?


Seems pretty simple to me, Superman just lures Hulk away and then runs somewhere else in the world to wait for the Hulk to revert back to Bruce Banner. Kinda like how Deadpool let Hulk rip him apart and then chopping off Bruces Head as he slept.
Yes, Banner is Hulk's weak point. But there have been numerous times he could delay letting Banner out, or keep him in for months. Also, the Hulk didn't always revert to Banner when unconscious. There have been other times that the storyline showed that Banner was not as weak as everyone assumed. He still has gamma energy in his blood, even when he is "puny Banner", so it might not be that easy for Superman to kill the "98 pound weakling".