The Ice Cream Truck Opens August 18; New Trailer

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The Ice Cream Truck Opens August 18; New Trailer

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Well, this does look very interesting. I don't feel like it's going to be overly creepy or thrilling, but it'll be interesting to watch nonetheless. I wonder where they got the original idea from. Is it based on a book or something?


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The movie poster looks eerie enough, but it takes a lot to scare me, so I'm pretty sure I won't be scared when I finally get to see this movie. I hope the plot is good and it won't disappoint in the end like most predictable horror films.

Shana Peckover

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Looks fairly interesting. Being a huge fan of the horror genre, I am always on the lookout for something new to send a chill down my spine. It does indeed look like a typical horror film though. I am truly missing George Romero!


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Well it's been sometime now since we have had a new approach to horror movies, i hope this one lives up to the hype and delivers.

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