The Husband of Gail Mabalane is Unseen

Madeline Everleigh

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<p>Gail Mabalane returns to Netflix, taking on the lead role in Unseen, a crime thriller about a woman searching for her missing husband. Previously, Mabalane played a mother searching for her daughter in the first South African Netflix original, Blood & Water, which garnered international attention during its successful three-season run.</p>


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Unseen sounds like a perfect blend of crime, drama, and mystery. I'm already hooked on the premise, and I'm sure Gail Mabalane will deliver a stellar performance.

Saint Joyce

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Super obsessed of Blood & Water, I'm thrilled to see that the team behind the show is working on Unseen. With Gail Mabalane's talent and experience, I have no doubt that this show will be just as addictive as its predecessor.

"The story of Zenzi Mwale in Unseen is so compelling. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a loved one disappear without a trace, and I'm excited to see how Zenzi's character will handle the situation.


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I love it when shows have strong female leads, and it looks like Unseen will deliver just that with Gail Mabalane's portrayal of Zenzi Mwale. I'm excited to see her character's journey and how she handles the challenges thrown her way. I'm intrigued by the premise of Unseen. A missing husband, accusations, and powerful people behind the disappearance? Count me in. I can't wait to see how it all plays out

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If Unseen doesn't have a scene where Zenzi confronts her husband's kidnappers with a mop and bucket, I'm going to be severely disappointed.The show reminds me of Cleaning Lady because the main character here is also a Cleaning lady.


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Unseen is the perfect show for anyone who loves a good mystery but is too lazy to leave their couch. I mean, we can't all be Sherlock Holmes, right?


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She should find a new husband instead. LOL, I'm pretty sure that if I were in Zenzi's shoes, I would have given up on finding my husband after like, five minutes. But that's why I'm not the star of a crime thriller series.

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