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Is this too pop to belong in these forums? ;)

I'm going to admit right now that I held off for a long time before I read these books - first because I wanted to read Battle Royale first (I still haven't....) and then because the movie came out and I just like to avoid things that are popular (come on, we all do it...) and then because I heard that they are unputdownable and decided I didn't have time to read them.

Well... they are unputdownable. I read all three in a week, with the longest period of time to consume 1 book being 36 hours.

And what can I say.... I loved them! I mean I was absolutely traumatised by the end of the third book. And I'm so amazed and impressed that this is what is in young adult these days. I HATED Twilight so I was a bit wary of reading these, but I thought they taught valuable lessons for young adults. War and revolution sometimes happen, and it's not glamarous. People die. Lots of people, sometimes. I also liked that it is a warning of what could happen if we continue ignoring the rights of poor people, but also at one point that Katniss points out that the ordinary citizens of the Capitol, because they're brought up with it they they don't even think about it being wrong. That's something to mull over...

Anyway, I'd like to hear what everyone else thought about these books. :)