The House of the Dead Remake makes me feel like a 12-year-old again. I remember lining up in Arcades to play this game and wasting all of my coins so I could finish, but I failed miserably because Arcades intentionally made games hard in setting to make more money. I get to play it better in My Dream cast version because I have infinite continues. For my 12-year-old self, those pixelated graphics are realistic and close to life, knowing the technological limits back then. The New Graphics is not up to par with most modern zombie games, but it is better than the Original.
The Genre of rail shooters died down when First-person shooters became more popular. People feel more freedom when they control the character themselves instead of just the gun. For Years of not having a House of the Dead sequel or Resident Evil Chronicles sequel, seeing this remake is a nostalgia bliss.
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A reboot or a sequel would have been preferable. They could have improved this remake by adding additional enemies. I'm surprised there isn't a VR recreation of House of the Dead yet. The game seems like it was created for virtual reality!


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Unfortunately, it isn't worth it. I'm hoping they made a patch or something! It ends up being a jumbled mess with several faults.


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Why didn't they integrate a touchscreen interface? It would have been the most accurate way to play until a lightgun was made.


What I didn't like about it was that it didn't include the original soundtrack. The new soundtrack isn't horrible, but it doesn't have the same impact on me. Why isn't there a fucking plastic gun accessory??? You don't understand the game and don't deserve to remake it if you weren't going to add a gun attachment for it. After seeing these shambles, all of my exhilaration faded. I'd want to see a new on-rails shooter because it's a genre that needs to be revived, but this one does it better. Instead, I'd like to play Resident Evil Chronicles 3.


If they're going to remake 2, I'm fine with it. I'm fine with the remake's terrible visuals and engine, and I'd gladly pay $60 for it. Recasting Goldman, on the other hand, will not be considered heresy. Either don't recreate the game or retain his voice tracks intact.


House of the Dead isn't even House of the Dead without a lightgun. Either wait for a Switch Light gun or hope it will be converted to PS VR and playable with a Move controller.