UK-China Film Collab and Trinity CineAsia are joining forces with the Prince Charles Cinema in London to host The Heroic Mission: Johnnie To Retrospective. Running from July 7 to 14, fans will have a rare chance to see three of the most influential cinema made in Hong Kong from a master of the game on the big screen.

Life Without Principle (2011) – Thursday 7 July, 6.00pmStarring Lau Ching Wan (Mad Detective, Call of Heroes), Richie Jen (The Sniper, Exiled)Running on Karma (2003) – Tuesday 12 July, 6.30pmStarring Andy Lau (House of Flying Daggers, Infernal Affairs), Cecilia Cheung (Legendary Amazons, The Promise)Breaking News (2004) – Thursday 14 July, 8.30pmStarring Richie Jen, Kelly Chen (An Empress and the Warriors, Infernal Affairs), Nick Cheung (Beast Stalker, Connected)

Curated by MA Film Curating student, Birbeck University’s own Riley Wong, the title of the series takes after two of To’s films, The Heroic Trio (1992) and...

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