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The Gray Man is another action thriller from the Russo Brothers. It stars two of the most prominent A-list actors, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. The Russos worked with Chris Evans before because they are the directors of Captain America: Winter Soldier, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame.
Chris Evans wants to break from the superhero mold so that he will be the antagonist of this film. Another MCU actor currently dabbling in Villain roles is Chris Hemsworth. Evans’ transformation in the movie made him unrecognizable with the villainous pornstache that gives him the ghostly presence. There will be no traces of Captain America in his new role.
Ryan Gosling is mainly known for making Rom-coms, so...

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OP, I need to correct you, Ryan Gosling started with action. He use to be Young Hercules in TV. He have martial arts training before. He is more than a romcom guy.

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First Thor, Now Captain America. I love that Superhero actors are willing to take antagonist roles to put over another actor to stardom.


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Why is the plot a bit similar to Bullet train. One guy trying to fight assassins who wants to kill him because of an item.