The grannies of gaming

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Jan 14, 2018
Most elderly people in my family look down on gaming because it’s something they don’t understand. It wasn’t part of their childhood. You can also add those baby boomer politicians who demonized games for school violence despite much research that proved it doesn’t. I can see Millenials and zoomers not outgrowing gaming when they grow old. I am so close to becoming middle-aged but I still play video games. Well, these grandmas became accepting of gaming and saw it as a hobby worthy of their time. As a person with parents allergic to technology, I can’t help but be jealous of their grandkids. (At least my mom kinda liked Candy Crush Saga)
Granny Audie
Granny Audie discovered Animal crossing after her grandson gave her his old Nintendo DS. She was hooked and for four years she is taking care of her town and it’s residents.

People got inspired by her that they donated her a Nintendo Switch so she can play the latest Animal Crossing game. Nintendo also gave...

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