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Australia’s Aquarius Films and Irish production company Port Pictures will jointly produce The Good People, based on the award-winning novel by Hannah Kent (the upcoming Run Rabbit Run), who adapted it for the screen.

“Terrifying, thrilling and moving in equal measure, The Good People is a startling examination of absolute belief and superstition. As it explores a series of actions that are both tender and harsh, it examines our need for belonging, understanding and acceptance, and the universal need to love and be loved.” reads the announcement.

The Good People is set in 19th century Ireland, as the Catholic church wages war against pagan beliefs, three women conspire to free a young boy from evil spirits.

Aquarius’s Angie Fielder (Lion) and Polly Staniford (Berlin Syndrome) will produce with Martina Niland (Once, Sing Street) of Port Pictures. Aquarius Films’ Miranda Culley is exec producing the movie...

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The plot seemed interesting, I think I will try to read the novel first while waiting for the movie adaptation.


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I didn't know there is a Warner Bros Australia, I thought All Australian actors goes to US and UK to have an acting career.
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@Norelle Australia have a movie industry but their actors are usually paid lower because of cheaper cost of living. Not all actors wants to be in Hollywood.


The Book is really Good and I hope the movie will give it Justice. The intersection of Old Folk Ways and modern thinking is a debating contradiction. There are many fascinating stories about intriguing mythologies. This story was complex for those left behind, but now and then, a character imagined himself dancing beneath the earth with "the Good People," safe from the world's ills.Although some unpleasant people are in those poverty-stricken villages, I always prefer a novel without apparent villains. As you read this in the comfort of your 21st-century home, and you read over and over about the crofter's fear of being sent on the road' because they couldn't pay their rent, remember those in this wealthy country who have the same fear. Just because economic injustice has always been with us is no reason to stop working toward a better future for all.