The Glory, Have you desired to have revenge against your childhood bullies?

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<p>Moon Dong-Eun(Song Hye-Kyo) had a miserable highschool life. At home she deals with parents who did nothing but to neglect her. At school she have to deal with Park Yeon-Jin (Ji-Yeon Lim),</p>


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Yeon Jin is just straight up evil, She does not a tragic origin story, she and her pals just love torturing Dong-Eun. I cannot wait for her downfall, it will be super satisfying/


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The curling Iron scene is a stuff of nightmares. I found it is inspired from a real life incident in a Girl School in Korea. The suspects are not jailed because they are minors. So the people are mad that the victim did not get justice. The Korean Justice system still have flaws despite of South Korea being a rich country.


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I know Song Hye-Kyo for Romance dramas and movies, So I am amazed with her transformation as an anti-hero wanting revenge on this series. I didnt recognize her despite having the same face because of her character's personality.


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I have not watched the first season. I would try to watch it before the second season starts. It sounds interesting.
Bullying is horrible. It can effect lives in so many ways. As a counselor in school, I come across them so frequently.. Despite all the awareness and talks, it is unfortunate that it still exists.


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It's heart-wrenching to see how Moon Dong-Eun had to endure so much cruelty from her classmates and authorities, but it's inspiring to see her using her pain to fuel her revenge.I think revenge plots are always fascinating because they make us question our moral compass and what we're willing to do to get justice.


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Mercy,I can't wait to see how the story unfolds in the second season of The Glory, and I'm sure it'll be as thrilling and captivating as the first one.The fact that the curling iron scene was inspired by a real-life incident is even more chilling and makes me appreciate the show's efforts to bring attention to such incidents.

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Hey, it's a real shame that bullying is still happening in so many schools around the world, ya know? But I gotta give props to shows like The Glory for shining a light on this problem.

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Ji-Yeon Lim killed it as the villain in The Glory, no cap. Her portrayal of Park Yeon-Jin was so on point, I almost forgot it was just acting. She really had me hating her character's guts and waiting for her to get what's coming to her. Lim's been in the game for a minute, you feel me? She's been in some major Korean dramas like "My Love From The Star" and "One Warm Word." She's got mad range, always switching up her roles like it's no biggie. I'm hella hyped to see what she's gonna do next.


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Up here in Alaska, revenge stories tend to have a bit of a frosty ending, you know? I'm definitely intrigued to see how The Glory wraps things up - will it be a bittersweet conclusion or a total feel-good moment? Either way, I think it's important that shows like this keep bringing up conversations about bullying and what we can do to stop it from happening. It's something that affects people all over the world, even up here in the great white north. We gotta keep talking about it, and shows like The Glory can definitely help with that.


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Okay, listen up my darlings! I know that revenge stories can be juicy and tempting, but let me tell you, revenge is never the answer, hunny. It may feel good at the moment, but it just keeps the hurt and anger going round and round. We gotta find healthier ways to deal with our pain and move forward in a positive way, ya hear me? I hope The Glory will show us that revenge ain't worth it, and that we can find peace and closure in more productive ways. Let's spread love, not hate, and make this world a better place!


Wow, Always wanted to watch something like that so I need to watch the first season first and then need to wait for the 2nd part.


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Something I notice in Korean Dramas is how brutal are their bullies are. They make Hollywood movie bullies look nice. I mean compare Ji-Yeon to Sharpay and Regina George, she makes those two look nice.

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I wish I can have revenge from my bullies too, It pains me to see them happy and successful. Its like Karma dont exist.

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