The GI Joe Roleplaying Game Has Been Half-Released

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Attention all Joes! The GI Joe Roleplaying Game announced last August by Renegade Game Studios is now out there! …sort of.
What do we mean by that? We mean a VERSION of the game has been released, but not the real thing as most would consider it. Renegade has released the PDF version of the game for everyone who preordered the physical. It’s actually not too late to preorder the physical game, so you can get the PDF too.
If you qualify, here’s how to get your free digital copy:

Log into your account on the website or access it through the “check your order” link in the confirmation email
Click on the order number and an itemized list will appear.
Click the small blue arrow next to the pdf on the list and then follow the onscreen directions to download your free PDF!

The GI Joe Roleplaying Game is a standard RPG that uses Joe characters. Players create their own Joe by using the included rulebook to select your military training origin, personal traits, and role within the team...

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