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It just seems ridiculous to me. This whole idea that practical effects are outmoded because it's 2013. It's 2013, that means our practical effects have just gotten that much better. Look at the practical effect work being done by companies like ADI Inc. here or Creature Technologies out of Australia or Monsters Inc. in Japan, they do amazing work with suits, puppets and animatronics. In no way is there work outmoded.

I wish the folks at Legendary behind this new Godzilla movie would have strapped on a pair a used this opportunity to show how awesome practical effects work can still be. But nope....

How do we really know it will be anyways? In my opinion, it doesn't matter to me if it is so long as they do motion capture for the scenes, which seems to be indicative from the Encounter.

I agree that suits and those live scale models can work as with the T-Rex and the raptors in the original JP films, but I doubt a Godzilla film could work in the same way unless it was imposed green screen on the set with the "models" being nonexistent for digital ones. Which is tricky and you might as well do it all motion capture and screw the time consuming process altogether.

I'd love to see how practical effects COULD work with a modern take, but I'd rather have it only for smaller scale scenes than to risk it on the larger scale and look as phony as 1998's CG. I kind of hope for a hybrid approach, but in this case, I say I am done with tradition. It didn't do the Millennium series a favor, it ultimately ruined the Heisei series, and it most certainly ruined much of the 70's. Sure the tech was not there, but after awhile , they stopped trying and used it as a pathetic crutch.

Sure 1984 wasn't spectacular, but in comparison to the rest and afterwards, they actually tried with that film. After that and Bio, it went sharply down and it never really recovered. 2000 looks fake [and the CG should have been done with a higher budget than Beast Wars or omitted for models], Megaguirus isn't much better, GMK is flat, and afterwards, nothing much else to really say.

We can argue tradition, but tradition for tradition's sake is why the franchise bombed and why they needed Hamtaro and Pokemon to sell it. Even though Final Wars skewed too much, the concept was interesting and needs a redo.

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