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Mainly because I'm bored, and I thought it might be slightly fun. We've seen threads about stuff you're into. I thought I'd create this thread so you could say what are the things you never did, got into or didn't like (or liked as the case may be) in general geekdom.

Just to use me for example

I have never played Dungeons and Dragons.

I thought Transformers: Robots in Disguise (the one with Autobots and Predacons) was mildly entertaining.

I have never seen the third part of the American Robotech saga.

I enjoyed the Mister Freeze sing a long scene (where he's in his robe and fuzzy slippers) in Batman and Robin.

Kaji Motomiya

I too never played Dungeons and Dragons.

I will never be into WoW or LoL.

I don't like zombie-related talks, such as zombie plans, zombie shows, or even zombie anime.

I don't know if this counts, but I hate touch screens.

I don't think I can stand watching 80s shows and such. 90s, maybe, but not 80s. Like, 80s Transformers or G.I.Joe, or old Kamen Rider.


Never played Dungeons and Dragons.

I never got into Start Trek.

I have not seen Spaceballs.

Don't care really care for Sailor Moon.

I actually don't mind Batman & Robin.

Storm Eagle

New Member
I too never played Dungeons and Dragons.

I will never be into WoW or LoL.

I don't know if this counts, but I hate touch screens.

I've never played Dungeons and Dragons either. I'll never play World of Warcraft, but I have no clue what LoL might be.

If touchscreens do count, I'll just say that I'm not big on them either. At least not on cell phones. I got a touchscreen phone last year and it looked cool until it would freeze up on me for time to time. I later learned that that's common with touchscreen phones, so I decided to swap it for a non-touchscreen phone and I happen to enjoy it much better.

I'm also not into Star Trek.


I Really don't like Subbed anime (Save for FLCL)

I hate American anime fans

I've never seen the Lord of The Rings or the Original Star Wars Films

I think Firefly is the most boring show ever and Dollhouse should be the one getting praised

G1 transformers really weren't that good of a show, If anything the films made them better (add GI Joe, but it's film sucked too)

The Final Fantasy and Persona games are boring


You Got The TOUCH!
I don't like Harry Potter series

I'm not into Lord of the Rings

Never played D & D either

I was never that into Star Trek, although I thought Enterprise was quite interesting

I will never get into WoW or LoL

I think Homestuck is an awful comic

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare should've stopped at 1, as 2 and 3 sucks.

Rai Ryuzaki

Ao no Exorcist
Not a fan of costumes.
Never played D&D (played D&D online though)
Never played WoW
Not a collector
Not a Harry Potter fan
Never seen Akira


Active Member
I'll take this from a girl's perspective because, well, I'm a girl. :laugh:

* I don't see the appeal of Twilight.
* I don't see the appeal of Glee, Gossip Girl or any other American dramas.
* I dunno what's so great about K-dramas because they don't have that much variety compared to J-dramas. the storylines are all pretty much predictable.
* Korean guys aren't that good looking and they just love sharing the same hairstyles.
* not into Arashi at all.
* not into any other things that girls are into. I like guys' stuff better.


-I despise animation elitists who crap on 80s cartoons

-I think Batman: TAS, as good as it is, has an equal amount of crap in it that elitist fans don't admit to because they view the show as "sacred"

-I have no interest in any anime that came after the boom period of the 2000s, to me it's the same fucking show I've seen a million times. Japan are one-trick ponies and I don't know how anyone can be a long-lasting fan of this genre.

-I think Marvel Comics are ten years past their sell-by date and that they currently cater to chavs and aspies with no sense of creativity, intellect, or respect for their heroes.

-Felix The Cat: The Movie i is one of the best films of the 80s

-The 80s Spider-Man cartoons are better than the 90s Spider-Man cartoon



Brave Sound~
- Never seen a single episode of Doctor Who, no matter how much other peeps encourage me to watch it...just lazy I guess haha

- I don't really watch anime any more, occasionally Gundam here and there (haven't caught up with AGE) but yeah basically zip

- I don't like buying single issue comics. I can't really get myself to keep going back to buy the next monthly part of a story, I'd rather just wait until it's compiled into a graphic novel

- I always take the free stuff at comic shops :laugh:

- I hate the uber kawaii squeeky voice Japanese girls

- I still gripe when people call it "power rangers" (I don't lash out, I just suppress it real hard)

- I don't like arguing that Sentai is always better than Power Rangers 'cause honestly sometimes the Japanese can just get...weird.


Why is every good TV show Cancelled
I grew up in the middle of nowhere with four public channels, so I never saw or, for that matter, heard of most of the popular kids shows of my own time until I was 7-8 yrs old.

I also never played a single video game until I was 7. That being said, video games suck nowadays. I want more DECENT action/ adventure/ platforming games & less first person shooter, which is basically the same damn game over & over again.

I will watch just about anythhing as long as it's unique & takes itself seriously.

I prefer watching comedies that have heart instead of just straight up humor because they're entertaining more than once.

My idea of a "bad movie" is rather lax.

I hate fanboys who ***** about an adaption of something & call it crap just because it wasn't what they expected...
-Watched and didn't like Firefly.
-Thinks 9th Doctor > 10th Doctor.
-Saw Game of Thrones, though it was overrated.
-Read the first Harry Potter book, but no others because i hate Rowling's writing style.
-Doesn't get why any straight man would like Asian-pop boy bands (K, J and etc).
-Has a soft spot for Moe anime.
-Michel Bay is one of my favorite directors.

Blade Dancer

Not-So-Rabid Blade Fangirl
I've never seen any Dr. Who (lazy geek)
I stopped watching Buffy during Season 5(?) - whichever one that had the "evil trio." *gag*
I liked Voyager better than DS9
I still haven't seen all the Star Trek movies
I tried and didn't like Farscape
I've never read anything by Terry Pratchett (I get jawdrops from RL friends about this)
I prefer streaming to downloading (it's that instant gratification thing, I think. Also, I just delete the files I downloaded immedately after watching the episode, anyway)
I've never played tabletop D&D
I don't enjoy Mel Brooks all that much, even his movies I like have parts I fast-forward through
Batman Forever is my favorite of the "pre-Begins" Batman movies, though I fast-forward through parts of it, too.
Actually, even movies I like usually have parts I skip. :laugh:
I've never seen any Gundam show
Never seen a Godzilla movie

I'll probably think of more later. :laugh:


★ I'm kind of indifferent to Korean media in general ( the one exception being Beast, probably? but that's just because they have a couple catchy songs. )
★ Problem Sleuth > Homestuck.
★ I enjoyed Space Jam unironically.

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