The Game of Death: Bruce Lee’s vision vs. What we end up having part 1

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Bruce Lee directed and Wrote the filmed footages of Game of Death.

The Game of Death is the final movie of Bruce Lee because he died before he gets to finish filming. His original Script and vision are nothing like what ends up in the theaters. Nothing can more influential than this movie because of its influence to pop culture. This film is influential on the videogame format of boss fights. Many fans opposed the “Enter the dragon” remake. Fans think it’s an untouchable classic. Even if Quentin Tarantino is hating on Lee. It is obvious his KB character, The Bride is clad in Bruce’s iconic yellow jumpsuit. Game of Death is the only Bruce Lee Film that needs a remake. This final version is not his vision.
What did we end up having?
11 minutes and 7 seconds of filmed footage along with stock footages from older movies stretched out for a 100-minute movie. They used multiple Bruce Lee look-alikes to play him. so they can have new footages to work around with the...

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