Netflix kicked off #GeekedWeek on Monday with a raft of new gems to host for its audience including teasers for season two of Warrior Nun, the season one premiere of The Sandman, a new trailer for season one of Resident Evil, a behind-the-scenes look at One Piece and more.

Today’s press kit also included a trio of stills featuring Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya in the upcoming second season of dystopian survival thriller series, Alice In Borderland, following its December 2020 premiere. Alice In Borderland hails from director Shinsuke Sato, and is an adaptation of Haro Aso’s Shogakukan publication about a slacker who gets trapped into an alternative reality death game of survival.

The photos mark the latest look at the new season following casting updates in March which you may view here. Otherwise...

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Thank you, Netflix, for renewing this fantastic series for a second season! Borderland wishes you a Merry Christmas! I'm completely prepared for this. I became so into Alice in Borderland because it was so different from the other shows I watch. It's fantastic. This show is fantastic. I'm really excited to watch this!!!! I binge-watched the first season the day it was released and really enjoyed it!!! Kento Yamazaki is one of my favorite actors, and this drama was quite addictive.


Everywhere You Go
Alice in Borderland was one of those shows that simultaneously terrified, astonished, touched, and depressed me. It's incredible. Just for season 2, I might have to renew my Netflix subscription! Squid Game is a terrible imitation of this. This was the first show!


Money Heister
This show deserves more Seasons than Emily in Paris. Why Netflix loves renewing that crap.


I just completed watching the entire first season again, and it's still fantastic!! More bizarre characters, please. I'm hoping to see more of Chishiya in the future. He's my personal favorite! I read a manga for the first time in my life to find out what would happen after this episode. I know how it ends and all, but I still want to witness it in real life:)


I have more confidence with Netflix Asian content because their renewal rare is higher and they don't end shows with cliffhangers so if they got canceled, there is closure.

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