The Gaia Memory Thread: Choose Your Addiction: DX, Candy or Capsule


Demo of the new memories (not mine):

[ame=""]??????W??? DX???? ??????????EX ?????????????????? LIGHT & DARKNESS OF ?? C??? - YouTube[/ame]
[ame=""]??????W??? DX???? ??????????EX ?????????????????? LIGHT & DARKNESS OF ?? B??? - YouTube[/ame]
[ame=""]??????W??? DX???? ??????????EX ?????????????????? LIGHT & DARKNESS OF ?? A??? - YouTube[/ame]


Budou though
i'm trying to look up the set on yahoo auction japan but no results (typed in japanese). how are you finding the zoo memory?

i typed in kamen rider w complete selection and all i get are the csm stuff but none on that gaia memory set 3.


The "D" on the unlabeled memory looks like the one on the Dummy memory, so it just might be the "Death". Either that, or it's completely unrelated, since you never actually see the "Death" memory.

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Herman the German

Treasure Cards of the Underworld
I thought it was obvious it was Dummy, given the sound and the fact that Dummy wasn't initially shown to be what it was in the movie.
Sorry to bump an old thread, but, while searching for a new USB that I JUST bought, I found my old Faiz and Skull Gaia USB Drives which actually got me to wanting more...only to find that of course, nobody is selling them anymore because the series is old.

The Faiz is a DX?, the ones with lights and sound, while the Skull is just a Sound one. I was wondering if anyone has customized them to fit an actual USB into the end like my Faiz, and how hard/easy it would be to do. I saw a youtube video of one from a candy sound/sound where the guy just literally puts putty into the end, sticks the USB in there, and puts it back together. Because of how the DX one is, I doubt that would work, but I would like to try, especially since USB Drives are quite small nowadays. So has anyone opened a DX one up and attempted it? Any help would be great!
Also, how can you tell the difference between a DX and a DX Sound(is that a thing?) one? I can't while looking at my 2. I see some on eBay, but I'm not sure if they have the lights or not.

Not getting more of the custom Gaia USB's is one of my top 5 regrets of my toku fandom, some others include selling an official KuwagaRaiger Leather Jacket, Black RX's Jacket that he wore in Decade, and selling my CS OrgaDriver... :(

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