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Uncork’d Entertainment is bringing the morbid Spanish-language thriller The Funeral Home to virtual theaters January 29, and digital platforms February 2. The movie will be presented in its original language with English subtitles.
There’s something weird going on in Bernardo’s house, and we don’t just mean the antics of his dysfunctional family. It seems they have ghosts! But why wouldn’t they have ghosts — Bernardo is an undertaker for a living and he does a lot of his work from home. As the family investigates further, they discover there’s more to it, and the truth is more shocking than they ever realized.
The Funeral Home stars Luis Machín, Celeste Gerez, Camila Vaccarini, Susana Varela, and Hugo Arana, and was written and directed by Mauro Iván Ojeda. Check it out in select virtual theaters January 29, and digitally February 2.

Bernardo is an undertaker. He and his dysfunctional family lives amongst coffins, wreaths and mischievous supernatural entities that visit...
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