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I binged it months ago, and believe me, the first few episodes were trying way too hard to impress. The show's flow was a little off-kilter, but no worries, it gets better! The show's quirkiness comes from its attempt to balance both zaniness and depth, and while the direction could use some work, the script and acting are on point. By Episode 4, I was laughing my socks off at the humor, and the drama had found its groove. It might not be a classic, but trust me, it's totally worth checking out!


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Oh my gosh, you absolutely must watch The Forbidden Marriage! It's like, the cutest thing ever! And can we talk about Park Ju Hyun and Kim Young Dae's chemistry? It's like, totally amazing! I mean, I was practically squealing with delight the entire time I was watching it! When it comes to romantic dramas, chemistry is like, the most important thing ever, and these two just have it in spades! You don't wanna miss out on all the feels and butterflies, so get ready to swoon and fall head over heels in love with this must-watch drama!


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I am obsessed with learning about the customs and traditions surrounding royal marriages during the Joseon Dynasty. Can you even imagine how crazy it must have been for noble families with daughters of marriageable age to go through the selection process to become a royal consort? I mean, I would have been a nervous wreck!

And don't even get me started on the king's mental health! It's heartbreaking to think that even someone in such a powerful position can suffer from mental health issues. But let's be real, with all the pressure and stress that comes with being a king, it's no wonder his mental health is deteriorating. It just goes to show that we all have our struggles, no matter how rich or powerful we are.
Ye So-rang's backstory is intriguing, and I'm curious to find out how she'll navigate her way through the complex political and social dynamics of the palace. It seems like she has a lot of secrets to keep!


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i'm a huge fan of romantic comedies, so I think I'll definitely enjoy The Forbidden Marriage. I appreciate that it's rated PG-13, which means I can recommend it to my younger cousins as well!I'm always amazed by how dedicated K-drama fans are. It's great to see that Viki viewers have


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Now let me tell ya'll I've been coocoos 'bout The Forbidden Marriage! It's got this strong, badass lady lead named Ye So-rang, who ain't afraid to take charge and fight for what she wants, even if it means breakin' some rules. I mean, girl's got some guts, and I'm here for it!

But that ain't all, honey. The Forbidden Marriage also tackles mental health issues head-on, and that's something we don't always see in those sappy romantic comedies. It's about time we start talkin' about these things, and I'm just glad this show ain't afraid to go there.


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I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the action scenes in The Forbidden Marriage. They're well choreographed and add some excitement to the story.The Forbidden Marriage has a satisfying ending that ties up all the loose ends and leaves the viewer feeling satisfied.I loved the banter between Ye So-rang and the king. Their witty exchanges are some of the best moments in the drama.


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Great to see a Korean drama that celebrates the power of love and the importance of family. Ye So-rang's relationship with her father is heartwarming, and the love story between the king and his deceased wife is truly touching.

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The Forbidden Marriage is straight fire and that's why Korean dramas got such a big global following. This show got it all - romance, drama, and historical fiction that's so lit, it's irresistible. Ain't no wonder everyone's hooked on it!


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One of the things that really tickles my fancy about The Forbidden Marriage is the humor. The comedic moments are spot on and give the story a wee bit of lightness that's most welcome.And can we talk about the cinematography, lassie? It's pure magic! The sweeping shots of the palace and the countryside are simply breathtaking. I mean, my heart just swells every time I see them.But let's not forget about Ye So-rang's transformation, aye? That lassie went from a street-smart con artist to a bonnie noblewoman, and watching her journey was both inspiring and entertaining. It's a true highlight of The Forbidden Marriage, and one that I won't soon forget.


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Allow me to convey my admiration for The Forbidden Marriage, which adeptly broaches sensitive topics such as mental health and suicide with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. It is a refreshing change of pace to witness a drama that unflinchingly confronts challenging issues.Furthermore, the show has kindled within me a newfound fascination with Korean history and culture. While watching it, I found myself conducting extensive research and immersing myself in this rich and captivating culture. The Forbidden Marriage is a true gem that has captivated my interest and stimulated my intellectual curiosity.


i'm a huge fan of romantic comedies, so I think I'll definitely enjoy The Forbidden Marriage. I appreciate that it's rated PG-13, which means I can recommend it to my younger cousins as well!I'm always amazed by how dedicated K-drama fans are. It's great to see that Viki viewers have
It's not just a romantic comedy but a lot more than that and is a masterpiece revolving around people and tackling mental health issues so its a must-watch.


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I am gonna pass on this one, I only prefer Korean dramas with blood, gore and violence. The Sweethome, Squid game and All of us are dead variety.

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