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Years before I knew the name of my newest interview subject, Ve Neill, I was witness to her work on some of the most enjoyable movies of my youth. From Beetlejuice (which won her the first of three Best Makeup Oscars) to Mrs. Doubtfire (which won her a second Best Makeup Oscar) to the Batman sequels, Ve Neill helped create some of the most memorable images the screen has ever seen. I’d been wanting to interview her about her life and work for several years now, and earlier this month, it finally happened. Join me as we talk about Ve’s life and work from the 70s to today and into the future.

Say hello to Ve Neill!
Johnny: I have my questions ready to go.
Ve: I see that. You have a lot of questions, way more than anybody has ever asked me, and you have some really interesting questions as well that nobody’s ever asked me. I’m not sure that I will want to answer all of them, but I will do my best to...
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