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Earlier this year, I had the great pleasure of interviewing the versatile Shelley Michelle, the Body Double To The Stars who is still active and rocking to this day. As I like to keep in touch with my previous interview subjects, I called Shelley recently for a catch-up, and she had so many intriguing things to share that I knew we had to do a second interview. This is the result of that conversation. You’ll read about things like the return of The Hollywood Show, more body double experiences, and some big picture subjects as well.

Say hello again to Shelley Michelle!
Shelley Michelle: Hi, Johnny!
Johnny: Hi, Shelley. How are you?
Shelley Michelle: Good. How are you?
Johnny: I’m good. So I have my questions ready for round two…
Shelley Michelle: Round two…I can’t believe it. This is fabulous that I get to do this!
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