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I started my 2019 interview season on Thursday, January 10th when I spoke to actress Melanie Kinnaman. Melanie is the 2nd actress from Friday The 13th: Part V that I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing, the first being Deborah Voorhees last year. In addition to Friday The 13th: Part V, Melanie Kinnaman has worked on movies like Thunder Alley and TV shows like Saturday Night Live. She’s also an accomplished dancer and a former model, and we discussed all that and more in this conversation.

Say hello to Melanie Kinnaman!

Johnny: Hi, Melanie. How are you?

Melanie: Good. How are you?

Johnny: I’m good. I have my questions ready to go, starting with this: Before you were an actress, you were a dancer. What kind of dancing did you do?

Melanie: I did everything. I started at an early age...
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