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My newest interview subject, Mark A. Mangini, is an accomplished sound designer and editor. He’s helped create the soundscapes for films of all sorts. Ranging from multiple films in the Star Trek franchise to a frequent collaboration with Joe Dante, from Disney Renaissance classics like Beauty And The Beast and Aladdin to Mad Max: Fury Road, which would win him his first Oscar, Mark A. Mangini has created memorable soundscapes for almost half-a-century, with no signs of stopping any time soon. Mark took some time to speak with me this past December, and today I share my epic conversation with this great talent.

Say hello to Mark A. Mangini!

Mark: Hello?
Johnny: Hello, Mark. Johnny Caps from Pop Geeks here.
Mark: Hey, Johnny. How ya doin’?
Johnny: I’m doing good. First of all, before anything, thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to speak to me.
Mark: My pleasure.
Johnny: Alright. I have...

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