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Although the 80s is my favorite decade for adult film, the 90s run a close second, and my newest interview subject, Letha Weapons, is one of my favorite performers of that era. Letha was active in adult entertainment as both an actress and a dancer all throughout the 90s. She would also gain some notice in the mainstream through appearances on shows like The Howard Stern Show and Married…With Children. Letha is currently active as a singer and songwriter, creating music in a wide variety of genres.

I spoke to Letha last month, and today, you’ll all get to meet her. I hope you all enjoy reading this interview. A brief note: Although there’s no nudity or hardcore pictures in this interview, adult subject matter is discussed, so this article is NSFW.
Say hello to Letha Weapons!
Johnny: How did you come up with the stage name Letha Weapons?
Letha: When I was first a dancer, I worked at a club with 100 girls a night, and one of the only people that was nice to me was named...
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