The Flashback Interview: Gabe Jarret

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I was first introduced to my newest interview subject, Gabe Jarret, when I saw The Karate Kid, Part III on The Disney Channel in the 90s. In that movie, he played Rudy, the club kid who who gets paid to be beaten by Ralph Macchio’s Daniel LaRusso. Many years later, Charles Sherman, who set up my 2020 interviews with  Amy Stoch and Rich Manley, connected me to Gabe, and we had the pleasure of talking to each other earlier this month. I hope you all enjoy getting to know him.

Say hello to Gabe Jarret!
Johnny: First of all, thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to speak to me.
Gabe: Of course.
Johnny: I have my questions ready to go.
Gabe: Oh, fire away! (Laughing)
Johnny: Let’s start off with your most recent credit, the action-drama 13...

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Gabe Jarret is one of those guys that like to go under the skin of the character they're playing and this is what I like most about him.


I decided to retake karate kid III , even though Gabe played the big bad guy, his skills are still admirable😂

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