The Flashback Interview: Debbie D

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I admire her resilience because If I am an actress and I got typecast for horror scream queen roles, I will go back to college and quit acting all together.If I am an actor I will want to be a star and not a bodycount for horror movies. Giving up is bad though since there are actors who got their Awards and big break when they got older.


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I always have issues with my body, So Johnny, thanks for sharing this. I hope I have the confidence she have when I reach her age. I am younger than her and I can't wear clothes she wears. I wish I can embrace that and have the ability to accept my body. I still have more steps to climb.

Blaire Courttney

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Not familiar with this actress but She is a talented singer, her cover of the House of the Rising Sun is good. A lot of actors have hidden talents that surprise us.

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