The Flashback Interview: Byron Thames


<p>I was first introduced to Byron Thames, my newest interview subject, through the movie Johnny Dangerously, where he played the young version of Michael Keaton’s title character. I would later see his work in movies like Seven Minutes In Heaven and 84 Charlie MoPic, and from there, I would become familiar with his musical output with his wife Tricia Leigh Fisher, seeing them cover a diverse array of 70s songs.</p>
It's so heartwarming to hear about actors who have positive experiences with their colleagues and bosses on set. It sounds like Michael Landon set a great example for everyone on Father Murphy, and I'm sure that made a huge impact on Byron as a young actor.


Killer BBB's of Zone
Johnny Dangerously is definitely one of those classic comedies that still holds up today. It must have been an incredible experience for Byron to work with such a talented and hilarious cast, especially at such a young age. Most child actors became a mess when they grew up but he seem to have a wonderful disposition as an adult.


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Wow, what an awesome interview with Byron Thames! Johnny Caps did an amazing job asking thoughtful questions that really got to the heart of Thames' career. Thames has had such a fascinating journey, and I really dug the way he talked about the cool experiences he had working with Michael Landon and other super talented people. It's so refreshing to hear stories about folks who take their work seriously and value their colleagues. Definitely left me feeling inspired!


River City Citezen
It's fascinating to learn that the first Oscar winner that Johnny Caps ever interviewed won for editing. It just goes to show how important editing is to filmmaking.It's impressive how Byron Thames balances his passion for music and acting. I admire people who can excel in multiple areas of the arts.

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