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I was one of the few who did not rush out to see Joker when it opened, because based on what I’d learned about the plot, it did not sound like a “me” kind of film. It sounded monumentally depressing, and I don’t do depressing. Or at the least, I don’t deliberately go out and pay someone money to make me depressed for an entire afternoon or evening.
It is my understanding Joker is basically “How tragic would it be if there was a Joker in real life?” That’s the kind of question you can answer in one movie and be done with it. But it made a billion bucks so here they are, trying to extend it any way they can. And the method of extension they’re using sounds….weird.
Lead actor Joaquin Phoenix is returning and so is director Todd Phillips. But get this…instead of a dark drama, Joker 2 is going to be a musical. At least, that’s what THR reports…and it...

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Just 'Neg' will suffice.
I am so used of Margot Robbie as Harley but if this is Musical, they needed someone who can sing.


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Gaga was incredible in A Star Is Born, and she had so many interesting clothes and concepts in her earlier music videos / awards shows runways that she'd even perform in them. I can't wait for her to come on board as Harley.Don't underestimate Joaquin's singing abilities... his performance in Walk the Line was fantastic!

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I'm really looking forward to that. The first Joker was incredible, and if a sequel was developed in the same vein, it would be compared to it and would have a difficult time living up to it. Making it so dissimilar allows it to stand on its own and, if good, realistically achieve the same heights as the original.


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Because everything happens in Arthur's imagination, I wouldn't mind a musical. We'd get some more dance memes to display alongside Divorced Ken. A musical adaptation of The Joker is something I can see happening. It might work only because it's so bizarre.


I see Gaga as a Poison Ivy more because of her mature and serious demeanor so most likely her Harley will be more closer to the early 2000s Bird of Prey TV series.


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Gaga can pull off the Brooklyn accent because she is New Yorker but can she pull off a whimsical child like character like Harley?