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Looks like Guyver is slated for a December release!!!:castlerock::castlerock::castlerock:

Or is it April? I see 2 dates there....:sly:

Figma #2, COME TO PAPA!!!

If they could somehow get the designs from Guyver 2 Dark Hero, I would KILL for a Figma of the Guyver-Zoanoid.


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Sweet! I have the old MF Guyver, and while a solid toy, this will be an Excellent update.

Definitely! Though having spent the kind of money that I did on those original Max Factory figures some years ago does kind of annoy me. (^.^;) At least now I can afford a Guyver 2 if they do plan to make him.

Or is it April? I see 2 dates there....:sly:

Preorders open in December, release date is April next year.


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Not a fan of Cobra, but I'm...tempted to buy that figure and customize a Figma-scaled Iron Grenadiers Destro...

Dark Kabuto

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Eren looks nice. I was going to pass and only get Mikasa but….now I kinda want Eren too they look good together in a mid air strike like that.