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Mythroll Armory has brought us many kinds of roleplaying dice, in all kinds of materials, from foldable tin to resin you can doodle on. But they’ve never gone gonzo enough to craft something out of GOLD before. That will change in 2021.
Mythroll has announced Stoneheart, a series of precious metal D20s with precious stones in their center. The stone will flash through the holes whenever you throw it, and you’ll have the option of an onyx, ruby or diamond stone — it depends on how extravagant you want to get. Said gem will actually be 20-sided itself! Says Mythroll, ” We’re told by our jeweler [it] is actually a really good cut for refracting light through the stone. It will be one of the rarest cuts of diamond available.”
As for the outer shell, you’ll have three metals to choose from: bronze, silver or gold. Prices for...
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