The English is a Western Drama that is a collaboration between the BBC and Amazon Prime Video.  Award winning actress Emily Blunt accepted the title role, Which is about an English woman who is scorned. Fans will get to see a different side of her throughout the course of this 6-part limited series, despite the fact that she is best known for her roles in films like Mary Poppins and Jungle Cruise, which are geared toward families.
We all know Hell Hath no fury than a woman scorned. Americans and the global audience can watch it in Amazon Prime Video. While the British crowd can watch it in BBC One. In the midst of one of the bloodiest and most violent periods in the annals of American history, The English depicts the unlikely friendship that forms between two people who come from very different backgrounds.
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Glad that More Native Americans are getting representation on TV. I am also glad they are now played by actual Native American actors because before, the Native roles are given to Latinos, tanned white people, light skinned black people, Asians and Mixed raced Asians. So Glad Native Americans finally gets to play themselves on tv and movies.


Oh, I really hope that this turns out well. The last time we saw a good Western was quite some time ago. I've noticed that a lot of manchildren are once again griping about wokeness. They will accuse it of being woke solely on the basis of the fact that the protagonist is a woman and a person of color. These men are both sexist and racist, and they want all movies and television shows to only feature straight white men. They are also targeting She-Hulk for the same reason.
Diversity is actually proven formula for Box office success. The people complaining about wokeness is basically a very vocal minority, who are hiding behind their keyboards. This looks like a great show. I am tremendously excited to check this out! I simply cannot wait!! Bring on the 10th of November already!


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Emily Blunt kicked butt at Jungle Cruise. I am sure she will also shine in this one too, She is no noob to action. She is a remarkable performer in the acting world. Even the breaths that she takes while she's talking are enough to make you stoop over. I could go on and on about how incredible her acting skills are if I wanted to. She is my Avatar for a reason!