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As of today, you can catch the anime film The Deer King on the big screen in America. It’s the product of Masashi Ando, whose past credits include work on Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Your Name and others. The Deer King marks his first film in a directorial position, and it’s being distributed in the States by GKIDS.
Van is a former soldier who’s been captured by the enemy and forced to work in a mine. Fortunately for him (depending on how you look at it), a disastrous plague has struck the area, and Van is one of the only survivors along with a young girl. This gives them the opportunity to escape, but their problems won’t be over until they can figure out where the plague came from — and who happens to be pursuing them ever since they left the mine.
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Holy crap! This movie looks amazingly awesome. Just from this teaser, the magnificent visuals and characters brought me to tears. I almost don't feel prepared to watch this because I know I'll cry a lot, but I must. It's going to be gorgeous. I just know it.


So Sword of the Stranger and Princess Mononoke cross paths? I am definitely thrilled about this because I adore both of those movies, which rank among my all-time favorites. In addition, the fact that it is a father and kid narrative makes me think of The last of us.


As an animator, this man contributed to some of Miyazaki, Kon, and Shinkai's most well-known films. That is a really strong portfolio. I want to see it right now. It appears to have great potential, and the similarities to Ghibli films further add to its allure. I've been waiting for another gorgeous anime film, and I can already tell that this one will have me in tears.