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Masashi Ando, whose past credits include work on Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Your Name and others, has graduated into a directorial position with his first animated feature, The Deer King. The film has now been confirmed for a theatrical release in the States courtesy of GKIDS.
Van is a former soldier who’s been captured by the enemy and forced to work in a mine. Fortunately for him (depending on how you look at it), a disastrous plague has struck the area, and Van is one of the only survivors along with a young girl. This gives them the opportunity to escape, but their problems won’t be over until they can figure out where the plague came from — and who happens to be pursuing them ever since they left the mine.
If you want to know the full US voice cast, GKIDS has the list:
Ray Chase — Van
Griffin Puatu — Hohsalle
Erica Schroeder — Sae
Luciana VanDette — Yuna
Doug Stone — Tohlim
Neil Kaplan — Aquafa King
Frank Todaro — Kenoi
Makokan – Luis Bermudez
Ohfan – Keith Silverstein...

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As an animator, the filmmaker worked on films by Miyazaki, Kon, and Shinkai. That is a fantastic resume. He contributed to the films Spirited Away and Your Name! I'm willing to give this film a chance.


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I'm glad you mentioned Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away so I could make the connection in my brain. I don't need to be convinced about The Deer King. Since it's the same filmmaker, I have already given it two thumbs up!

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