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Here’s a new one from Uncork’d Entertainment: The Darkness Of The Road. This horror thriller will be out in the middle of next month.
This one begins on a remote road in the middle of the desert, where a single mom and her daughter are commuting. It isn’t defined where they’re headed, but they couldn’t be further from any other humans at the moment — or so they think. Suddenly, a hitchhiker appears on the edge of a gas station…and despite the numerous warnings she should have received in school, the woman immediately pulls over and picks her up. The next thing she knows, her daughter has vanished from the other seat. Who else is out there, and where could they have taken the little girl?
The Darkness Of The Road stars Najarra Townsend (Contracted, Dementia: Part II), Leah Lauren and Johnny Whitworth (“The 100”, Empire Records). It was written and directed by Eduardo Rodriguez (Fright Night 2, El Gringo), and will arrive on DVD and digital platforms December 14.

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