The Dark Knight Returns: The Animated Movie


When The Fruit Of Life Corrupts Men

Riding off the coat tails of Nolan's last Batman movie, DC is releasing another in it's long line of direct-to-video animated movies, this one based on the most defining entry in Bruce Wayne's legacy; Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns".

I'm not sure how I feel about it after the trailer, but having Robocop voicing Batman seems like a good direction to go in

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[ame=""]The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 (2012) Trailer HD - YouTube[/ame]

Now THIS is a Batman movie I can get excited about!!! :castlerock:


Welp, guess Year One did good enough to justify this.

It's a pity this story is nowhere near as good as Year One but it is pretty iconic so I can't blame them for doing it.

I'm also curious to see how they plan to handle some of the dialogue and narration since, if it's done poorly, you'll have a situation like the Watchman movie. IE the words make sense and are fine as stream of conscious text on paper but sound INCREDIBLY GOOFY when spoken aloud.


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lol typo



When The Fruit Of Life Corrupts Men
But seriously, this is one of the best Batman stories ever told

Arguably, yes

From a personal standpoint, The Batman/Judge Dredd crossovers will always be a top level series merely due to the wonderful chemistry between the two of them


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So...they'll use animation from a random ep. of BTAS?

Or does that suppose to fit in somehow?


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It's an adaption of the actual comic book storyline that was only partially shown in BTAS.

So basically, this ties TAS and Beyond? Psyched.

Now if they can remake Beyond with TAS' animation budget....:castlerock:

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