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Awhile ago, it leaked out that WB was considering a late April arrival for The Batman on HBO Max. A glitch on the HBO website made a listing for the movie accidentally display too early, and it said “Available Tuesday, April 19.” At the time, The Batman was still going strong in theaters and WB probably didn’t want that information out there, but it doesn’t seem to have affected ticket sales THAT much. You can technically still see it there.
But if you’re like me and have no desire to sit for three entire hours unless you’re in an airplane, this is the news you’ve been waiting for. Some defenders of the movie’s length have pointed out blockbusters of the 40 and 50s were even longer. To that, I have to point to the fact that those movies had intermissions. Maybe it’s time we bring the intermission back, huh? For the time being, you can make your own intermissions if you can wait for the streaming dump of Popular Movie X.
And the wait times aren’t that long anymore. Though April 19...

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Some people refuse to watch this because Robert Pattinson came from Twilight, but they should give him a chance. He did great as Batman, and I believe he can elevate the character for more sequels. I prefer him over Affleck.


Joker got teased at the ending so that he will be the villain in the next sequel. Sad, but it is not going to be the Joaquin Phoenix one.


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I want to see Comics Original villains who never appeared in movies and cartoons before to finally make it in the big screen.
3 years Ago I was wanting online when he was announced to be the Next Batman but Pattinson proved me wrong. He played the role with conviction and I will happily admit that I am wrong despite of hating on him years ago.


Movie is good but I movie is just to dark. OK, Dark Knight but still if you don't have FHD you will lose some details.
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HBO Max have a very small library though and they canceled 2 shows I like. I thought they will be better than Netflix


I thought this movie will be terrible because of the Twilight Stigma but Robert proved haters like me wrong. He makes a Good Batman.
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