The Avatars of Messiah


So I remember back when Escape was announced that in the chat we started to discuss all of the button villains that "would/had" appeared on Go-Busters.... all of them with a keyboard theme

So feel free to talk about Go-busters wide variety of villains it has to offer

I for one thought that F5 was a refreshing take on the villains


I don't do sense
Deadly combinations of Ctrl and Q as well as Alt and F4 led by F10.
They were pretty tough.
You could say...
They just wouldn't quit.
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Backspace can reverse/reflect any attacks thrown at him and Delete would be his twin brother/sister who can delete almost anything.


Tab has pretty good accuracy with his shots with Enter.He aims onto things pretty quickly and with the help of Enter, they can take down anything.


I'd like to assume there's another avatar named SysRq (or possibly Sysuriku) who just kind of hangs around and never does anything.


Num Lock: Evil Accountant to Messiah. Leader of the Decimalroid 10 (Unoroid to Nullroid). Can only speak in numbers no higher than those in the Decimal System. Caps Lock often acts as his interpreter, which can either be hilarious or annoying depending on your taste.

Shift: Aide to Num Lock and the Decimalroid 10. Has the ability to convert the Decimalroid 10 into the Symbolroid 10 via a special Metavirus (ex. Quatroroid (4) to Dollarroid ($), Pentaroid (5) to Percentroid (%), etc.). Doesn't fight much.