The Avatar 2 Teaser Is Certainly Blue

Peter Paltridge

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For a long time there’s been this crowd waiting with anticipation for one of James Cameron’s big pet projects to bomb. When reports came out of Titanic going way over budget, people thought it’d be that one — nope, biggest hit of 1997. When trailers for Avatar began showing up, and South Park accurately parodied the film before it was released, everyone thought “this is gonna be Cameron’s crash down to Earth,” but — nope, biggest hit of 2009.
Thirteen years later, it’s almost time for Cameron to come out of his groundhog hole again, and the odds of seeing his shadow seem greater than ever with his latest being a sequel to Avatar. The thing about all those other films is that they weren’t repeats of what he had done before. It’s unproven ground for him — and that’s brought the familiar murmuring of  “yup, this is gonna be the one.”
We still don’t have the foggiest idea of what Avatar 2 is about, other than Jake (now stuck in his Avatar body foreverz) and his Navi wife (whose name I...

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I can't believe it took me almost 2 decades of waiting before I can finally watched the sequel. I still find it weird that I found the Navis sexy.


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Pandora is one of the Moons of a Gas giant planet. I remember Cameron saying he wants to explore the other Moons of that Gas Giant in future movies. It makes me think that Aliens in real life might be residents of moons instead of planets.


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I was still in College when I watched the first movie. I can't believe that is finally here! I want to watch this at IMAX.

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