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The Arrowverse was quite something. It managed to do what its big brothers in the theater could not — an interconnected, fully realized DC Universe of heroes with a devoted following, and on a very small fraction of a movie budget (the flop Justice League probably cost as much as three seasons of the entire Arrowverse lineup). With the impending sale of The CW and the subsequent dumping of most of its content, the only remaining series to take place in the Arrowverse is its longest running (no pun intended): The Flash.
Even though this show stopped being good years ago, it’s still one of The CW’s top-rated programs. Lately it’s been leaking cast members like a sieve, with just THREE people remaining who have been with the show from the beginning: Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin/Frost), Candace Patton (Iris) and Grant Gustin as the blur himself. There have even been rumors that Panabaker and Patton would ALSO split after Season 8, and the direction of their plot threads this season...

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I want Grant Gustin to keep playing The Flash, He should play him in the movie because he wont be a mess like Ezra Miller.


Since Legends of Tomorrow got canceled, I am crossing my fingers that a closure for Legends of tomorrow will be included.


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It was the CW-like writing that did it in. 22 episodes every season, allowing supporting characters more screen time, less battles, people making decisions that don't fit their character, and taking a break between episodes.. Thus, the audience's patience was quickly dwindling away. In addition, as production costs dropped, so did the quality of the shows. In Legends of Tomorrow, heroes didn't use their powers, Batwoman had shoddy editing and choreography, and poor lighting, and the costumes in Black Lightning looked like cosplay. In Black Lightning, the entire budget was devoted to Nafeesa Williams' expensive wardrobe. In other words, the Arrowverse was snuffed out by its own network.


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Arrow and The Flash are my two favorite series in the Arrowverse. I understand it's time, but I'll miss this program and hope it ends as good as or better than Arrow. That he's only been seen in his entire suit, with the gold boots, is a minor annoyance to me, but I'm glad we were able to see it.


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I wasn't surprised when Grant turned down a multi-year deal and signed on for one more season. The fact that he wanted to do other things but couldn't because Flash required so much time has been well-known for a long time. Still, I'm sorry to hear the program is coming to an end; I only hope Barry gets a send-off as fitting for the Flash as Oliver did. The Arrowverse as we've known it will come to an end with this episode. I wish he plays Barry in the movies instead of that problematic Ezra Miller.


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Until recently, I was a fan of the Arrowverse, and the only reason I started watching it was because of the Flash, but now I'm sick of it. The only characters I care about are Superman, Lois, and Stargirl; the rest can jump to lake. Also, Titans is a god-awful garbage of a show, and I don't care if it gets cancelled or sold out the CW. They've failed long ago for being unwatchable.


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I'm so pissed. All of a sudden, the CW is bought out, and all of the DC shows are being canceled or ending, as well as all of the other shows I enjoy, . To be honest, I don't want to say this because I'm not that kind of person, but there's always an LGBTQ character or characters in series that have been canceled or ended, so do they have anything against that community? The new management wanted to favor the Neckbeard Vloggers now?


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You can't help but gasp at the fact that this universe has continued to exist. For me, the stories told and the heroes on display in this universe are far superior to those found in the movies. Too much of a good thing is bad, but I appreciate the good things too. Even though it's disappointing that some of your favorite shows had to be canceled, the world does come to an end eventually. Superman and Lois's good deeds on another planet are admirable, to be sure. I'll miss this universe and the influence it has had on so many people, including myself.