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Ian Burton

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<p>“The Ark,” a new science fiction adventure series from Syfy and Hulu, will premiere soon. It is directed by Dean Devlin, He is the producer, directed and writer of hits like Independence Day and Leverage. In our current time we don’t have the technology to do interstellar space travel yet. It is because we can’t make ships that runs in the speed of light yet. Even in our own Solar System, the space travel is too slow. It will take 6 months to two years to go to Mars. Jupiter’s moon, Callisto takes 15 years or even more of travel. Going to an extra solar planet will take centuries or even millennium because they are that far.</p>


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This show will need a lot of luck if they want a Season 2. An anime in Netflix that never reached top 10 have higher chances to get renewed than them.


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Who here saw that science fiction film with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence? The title of the movie, if I'm not mistaken, is The passengers. With only two fully aware passengers in the first film, this is essentially a replica of that with more crew members.


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They should have selected someone in their 30s for the roles because the performers they hired look like high school students. After the first season, SyFy has decided to cancel the show without warning. The more I think about it, the less likely it is that this show will return for a second season. It has the aesthetic quality of a low-end version of Expanse.


Somebody obviously watched the CW show The 100 and was motivated to write their own take on the plot. An integral part of this attempt will be creating interesting protagonists and antagonists. Though I worry SyFy may cancel the show before the end of the first season, I will investigate this without delay. SyFy's record isn't great when it comes to this specific metric.


I don't know if the acting or the special effects were more disappointing. There are a lot of ways to disagree about this topic, but that won't be how the quality of the presentation is judged.


This show has made me want to know more. On the other hand, I can no longer count on SyFy. They've taken advantage of me so many times that I've stopped keeping track. When I finally get to the show, I find out that it has been canceled. They canceled a show that could have like Y: The Last Man. That show have potential to be big if given a chance but they canceled it.

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