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Disney+ Day usually brings with it way more announcements than we can count or keep track of here at PG, but this year, one announcement stood out in particular: the return of X-Men, as in the hit cartoon series from the 1990s. This is HUGE.
For those who weren’t there and don’t grasp how weighty this is, without the X-Men cartoon the entirety of Marvel Studios might never have happened. Superhero properties were regarded as second rate among the studios until Fox Kids president Margaret Loesch took a chance on two: Batman: The Animated Series and X-Men. Both became huge hits and inspired countless knockoffs. X-Men went on for five seasons and was one of the first comic book adaptions to not water down its source material or cheapen it because they believed kids were dumb. Some of the greatest arcs from the comic were adapted into epic five-part storylines and kept viewers glued to their sets week after...

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The best incarnation of the franchise. X-men evolution and Wolverine and the X-men both suck, the only good thing that came out of them is X-23 but it pretty much sucks. Also those live action films by Fox sucks too.